Greenland’s Summer Melt Season Set To Be Shortest For Years

By Paul Homewood


After one of the latest starts to the summer melt in Greenland, it appears that the melt has pretty much finished a couple of weeks early as well.

In all likelihood, it will end up being the shortest melt on record, not that this will be reported.

As I reported a few months ago, the winter in Greenland had been unusually cold and dry, dominated by high pressure. As such, snow accumulation was below average. The late start to the melt season helped to claw back much of the snow deficit.

With deep low pressure systems set to dominate Greenland’s weather this week, we can expect to see the Surface Mass Balance (SMB) to be back to normal by the end of August.

Greenland summer temperatures depend mostly on the amount of sunshine received, not carbon dioxide. It therefore appears likely that this summer will be much cooler than usual, indeed similar to the cold , wet one of 2018.


August 11, 2020 at 04:09AM

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