Forecast warns of possible historic snowfall in Uruguay

First significant snowfall in parts of Uruguay since 1960

The Brazilian meteorology service Metsul warns of the arrival of a huge and very intense polar air mass that will affect practically half of the Brazilian territory and part of South America, including Uruguay.From Wednesday a marked drop in temperature is expected.

The phenomenon could be “a historical cold and snow event” and although cold air masses occur every year “it will be exceptionally strong and extensive, says the company.

The drop in temperature will be felt from Wednesday in Rio Grande do Sul with moderate to strong winds that will bring very low thermal sensations.
The models consulted by Metsul indicate that it will snow in Uruguay, near Buenos Aires and in the Argentine provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, in most of Rio Grande del Sur, Santa Catalina, Paraná, Curitiba and the south of the state of San Paul.

From the National Institute of Meteorology of Uruguay a warning was issued for the irruption of very cold air as of Wednesday, August 19. “A very cold air mass will enter the south of the Negro River, generating low temperatures and very low thermal sensations, a situation that will spread to the north of the country on Thursday 20, persisting at least until Saturday 22 August throughout the territory.”

“During this event, the formation of frosts and the occurrence of scarce rainfall, snow and / or graupel water and even the probability of snow are expected in the highlands of the eastern part of the country.”

Image of the polar cold wave, on July 28, 2020. Archive

First significant snowfall in parts of Uruguay since 1960

Meteorologist José Serra reviews three cases of this phenomenon in the country.

Serrá mentioned occasions when it snowed in Cerro Colorado (Florida), in the Sierra de las Ánimas and in Treinta y Tres.

It is possible that snow will fall in the eastern part of the country this Thursday, especially in Treinta y Tres and Cerro Largo, said Serra.
There is little history of snowfall in our country. The closest in time occurred in August 1991 in the town of Cerro Colorado, Florida.

Serra also recalled a snowfall in the Sierra de las Ánimas (Maldonado and Lavalleja), but pointed out that here it must be taken into account that it is an elevated area. The highest point, the Cerro de las Ánimas is 501 meters high.

Further back in time, on July 4, 1960 in the eastern region of the country, in the department of Treinta y Tres there was a significant snowfall. There are several photographic records of that occasion, for example of the snowmen made by some neighbors.

Serra explained that it is common for sleet and graupel to fall in the high areas of the departments of Maldonado and Lavalleja.

Graupel is rain with small cores of frozen water. The rain solidifies into a small grain of rice that is diluted when it touches the surface of the soil. Something akin to “very little hail,” he explained.

For its part, sleet is partially melted snow. “It is a mixture of water with very cold air that freezes the droplet at high altitudes and when it precipitates, it melts, it does not accumulate,” Serra explained.

The meteorologist assures that very cold and frosty days are coming.

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