Californian Wildfires–Due To Climate Change?

By Paul Homewood

 If you tell a lie often enough……………



Major wildfires continue to spread across Northern California on Thursday as thousands more residents are forced to evacuate their homes and resource-strapped firefighters battle the blazes.

California has been hit by nearly 11,000 lightning strikes that have caused more than 367 known fires across the state in recent days, 26 of which are major. The state’s wildfire season is becoming much more destructive as climate change drives hotter and drier temperatures.

Climate change has also expanded the fire season to nearly the entire year in California because dry conditions, heat and drought exacerbate wildfires.


But what does the data actually tell us? We already know that the current heatwave is far from being exceptional. What about temperatures earlier in the summer?

Not unusually high. And rainfall in June and July? Again, similar to many other years.

The accusation is made about longer fire seasons, with hot and dry springs.

But the actual data shows that this spring was pretty much average as far as temperatures are concerned, and slightly wetter than normal.

Whatever the cause of the current batch of wildfires, it certainly is not climate change.

In fact national wildfire acreage is running at just over half of the average this year so far:


But, as Goebbels pointed out, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.


August 21, 2020 at 06:12AM

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