Australian Govt failings 2013-2020

We have had an LNP Fed. Govt. for near seven years now – how good have they been?
Here is a quick list of what I think are their major failings.
Not in any particular order.
[1] Failing to rein in the ABC to be more balanced.
[2] Failing to rein in the Public Service to be less green/left.
[3] Failing to find a more rational line re “climate change”.
[4] No new dams despite big talk in 2013.
[5] Failed to control the NDIS and NBN spending inherited from Labor.
[6] Failed or were tardy to combat Family Day Care criminal rorts.
[7] Spent big but talked as though they were thrifty see July 2020 RBA chart.
[8] Snowy 2.0.
[9] Thinking that abolishing the Carbon Tax was solving something long term.
[10] Doing nothing about the MRET scheme.
[11] Doing nothing to prolong life of coal fired power – Hazelwood and Liddell.
[12] Talked big about reducing electricity prices but in the end it is probably Covid19 that has helped them there.
[13] Failing to stop some States gas exploration bans.
[14] Learning nothing from the Chinese militarisation of South China Sea.
[15] Allowing Darwin Port to be leased to the Chinese.
[16] Seemingly asleep to the Sinofication of our universities.
[17] Seemingly asleep to Sinofication influences in our political life.
[18] Fail to take steps to close the gap.
[19] Fail to arrest the slide in international measures of our education standards.

I drew a line before Covid19.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

August 25, 2020 at 06:10PM

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