Why is Scotland’s green energy manufacturing industry in crisis, in a ‘climate emergency’?

Image credit: BBC Scotland

Nothing to do with the ‘climate emergency’ being a man-made myth, surely? Once again the so-called green economy fails miserably to deliver on its promises, including one of jobs galore.
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Amid the GERS hullabaloo yesterday, there was some other interesting things going on that deserve a bit more attention, says Source News.

First, the STUC, Scotland’s leading trade union body, have written to Alok Sharma MP and Paul Wheelhouse MSP, UK and Scottish Energy Ministers respectively, calling for an urgent bilateral summit to discuss the “renewable construction and green manufacturing jobs crisis”.

Given how little this is getting talked about, you might be surprised to hear that it is a crisis, but it really is.

Add together the job cuts planned at bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis, the virtual mothballing of offshore wind sleeve manufacturer Bifab after the fiasco of EDF energy outsourcing this work on a huge, local offshore wind contract to Indonesia instead, and the effective shutting of the Campbeltown factory of CS Wind, Britain’s only manufacturing facility for offshore and onshore wind towers, you begin to get the picture of a sector that should be thriving in a climate emergency on its knees.

“Promises of a green recovery and a future jobs guarantee are worthless unless there is an industrial plan and investment strategy brought forward to deliver it,” Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary, said yesterday as she called for the summit.

The Scottish Government’s low carbon energy strategy in 2010 had promised 28,000 new green jobs, but official estimates in February 2020 found just 1,700 full-time jobs had been created in that time, just 6 per cent of the promised figure.

Full report here.

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August 27, 2020 at 09:30AM

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