Selecting Biden-Harris Could Be Disastrous for the US

Perhaps he [Biden] knows that his new progressive allies would be happy for him to win them a presidency but even happier for him to then disappear as soon as possible.—Victor Davis Hanson, September 6, 2020, New York Post

Previous readers of this blog will long since have understood my view that there are very important differences between the two US parties that have important implications for US climate and natural resources policies.

But the November 3 election may have even more important results.  It is important to understood compromises made by the Democratic Party in their choice of their 2020 Presidential Democratic ticket.  If their Presidential ticket should win, these compromises could well have important consequences for many years to come.

Serious Adverse Economic Effects of a Biden-Harris Victory

The last thing that is needed after the recent most serious economic downturn since the 1930s caused by the COVID 19 Pandemic, is for the Federal Government to raise taxes and increase government regulations, but that is exactly what Biden-Harris propose.  If implemented, the most likely result would be a serious depression comparable to or perhaps worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. This would be disastrous for the US and most people who live here.

An Even More Serious Possible Result of a Biden-Harris Victory

Maybe I have spent too much time playing chess, but I believe that the success of the Biden-Harris ticket could result in something even worse.  It has the potential to provide socialists or even communists an easy route to achieve power in the United States Government, which may be their real goal and their objective in giving up Senator Sanders as their preferred Democratic nominee.  The left-wing Democrats probably could have nominated Senator Sanders, and presumably fought the election on the basis of capitalism versus socialism/communism.  But they chose not to do so, and would probably have lost the General Election if they had.

A much more clever approach would have been to nominate a plausibly moderate, “familiar” figure, such as Joe Biden, with the understanding that he would leave office during his term of office to be replaced by a far left-wing Vice President who could be depended on to promote socialism/communism during the remaining term of Biden’s Presidency.  If elected, Biden would be the oldest President the US has ever had on election; some believe that he has shown signs of mild cognitive impairment such as losing his train of thought, forgetting where he is geographically, and inability to read a teleprompter carefully.  And he could be “sold” as a continuation of the popular Obama-Biden presidency and policies, particularly if he never clearly explained what his program really is, and avoids answering unscripted, detailed questions concerning them.  Then at any point in his term of office he could resign possibly because of an alleged need to rest or avoid the possible effects of more serious cognitive impairments he may develop, and thus make Harris President without attracting much surprise.  So far the evidence fits this more clever scenario.

The Momentous Possible Effects on the US Government

The prospects for the United States would then substantially depend on an unproven and largely unknown Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is widely reported to be the most liberal Senator, including Senator Sanders.  Until the last few days, Biden has largely hid in his basement and avoided revealing what his real intentions might be, and claims that he is has no physical or mental problems despite his known treatment for two cerebral aneurysms,.

The Critical Choice of Harris

A very few may know whether he may be preparing the way for Harris, an unknown new senator from California little known to anyone outside California.  Not a word need be spoken about Medicare for all or free college or Green New Deal or Federal control of local zoning or any of the other left-wing Democratic policy proposals made by Senator Sanders and subsequently by Biden that do not enjoy great popular support and could lead to economic disaster if actually implemented. The extent that Harris could change American politics would then depend on the extent to which the Democratic Party controls the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, but could represent a monumental shift in US politics.  The left-wing of the Democratic Party has endorsed income redistribution and Federal control of local zoning, among other far out policies.

The Possible Role of Antifa/BLM and Related Lawless Groups

An important question is what role the election of Biden/Harris would have on the activities of  Antifa and Black Lives Matter and other lawless activist anarchist/communist groups now active in violent rioting and looting of businesses, police property, and even charities in US cities will play in the possible socialist/communist takeover.  The Democratic Party and the mainstream press hardly even mentioned until August 30, when Biden finally said that he was opposed to such activity. This may have been because the Party and their sympathizers in the press had at least sympathized and possibly actively financed these activities.  This lawless activity in cities continues and is likely to continue until truly effective action to control it is taken in a timely way by local, state. or Federal authorities, or until the Democratic Party finds it in its interest to put an end to the activity.  So far, most local control efforts have proved ineffective and the local officials little concerned and strongly opposed to Federal intervention.  It is difficult to see how this activity will stop if Biden-Harris are elected. It might even expand if Harris should become President by changing  the purpose of these lawless activities might be changed to that of a quick reaction force to silence any opposition that may develop to the possible socialist/communist takeover of the Federal Government.

By their current multi-month rampages the promoters may be trying to desensitize the population to violence and to instill fear in opponents of a socialist/communist takeover which could move rapidly against any organized opposition that might develop.  If a city with a Democratic chief executive offers serious opposition, Antifa and other far-left organizations could stage rampages cooperative cities. If homeowners and store owners attempt to defend their property, they may be charged with unauthorized use of a firearm, as in St. Louis recently.  If this is not the objective, why else would the left-wing Democrats run the risk of being associated in any way with these continuing lawless urban rampages?  The purpose may be to instill fear in the well-armed right wing opposition, which has long promoted guns as a safeguard against a possible insurrection.  This is a recipe that could lead to serious domestic unrest and possibly a real insurrection unless there is very determined opposition by the President. I doubt that Harris would be

likely to provide such determined opposition.

Why This Election Outcome Could Lead to This Disaster

Socialist/communist governments often come to power at the point of a gun. They can also come to power by winning an election in the guise of moderate objectives and later installing someone else more to their liking in power.  Since Ms. Harris is largely unknown to most non-California voters and has been characterized as the most left-wing current US senator, having her as the Vice Presidential nominee is profoundly dangerous.  Even if she does not share all of the left-wing views of other members of the California Democratic Congressional delegation, voting for the Biden-Harris ticket is the most dangerous thing any non-socialist/communist voter can do under current circumstances.

If Biden resigns or becomes even more cognitively impaired, Harris would become President, the most influential political office in the United States.  She has no known experience or knowledge of foreign affairs, and she may well be the most far left candidate ever nominated for either President or Vice President.  The result could well lead to a profound change in American government.

Why Take the Risk?

Why take such a very dangerous gamble?  Socialist/communist governments are often very difficult to dislodge once they are elected or take power by violent means. The alternative Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, appears to have no such ultra left-wing sympathies.  Why take the risk of voting for Biden-Harris?

via Carlin Economics and Science

September 8, 2020 at 06:09PM

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