Decline in vehicle use in lockdown had no impact on reducing toxic particle emissions

By Paul Homewood



h/t Mr GrimNasty/AC Osborn




Notalot’s back of a fag packet suggested back in April that the lockdown seemed to have little effect on particle emissions.

A new study confirms this:



The significant reduction in vehicle journeys at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown – which saw traffic levels fall by as much as 80 per cent – did not reduce the level of toxic ‘fine’ particles in Scotland’s air, according to experts at the University of Stirling.

A new report published today shows that harmful particulate matter emissions, also known as PM2.5, remained consistent during the first month of lockdown, despite a 65 per cent decline in the number of vehicles on Scotland’s roads.

The study concluded that ‘traffic is not a key contributor to outdoor air pollution’ – and went on to warn that people ‘may be at greater risk from air pollution in their own homes’.


The report does find that emissions of NO2 did appear to drop though.


September 9, 2020 at 04:18AM

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