Energy Roadmap: $18 billion wasted pandering to pagan climate religion

The Morrison government has released a new roadmap for low emissions technology. The nicest thing that can be said is that it’s better than the Turnbull plan. It gives no joy to the Renewables multinational octopus, it steers a Qango in a less damaging direction, but still isn’t brave enough to just say “No” to the low-carbon bullies.

$18 billion for technologies we don’t need

The Coalition plan is an investment in five low emission technologies that private investors have mostly already  looked at and don’t like:

Hydrogen made with renewable energy, Batteries, Low-emission steel and aluminium, Carbon capture and storage, and Adding carbon to soil.

Since emissions don’t change the weather in a measurable way, no one in the world “needs” low emission steel or aluminum.  It doesn’t solve any problem, apart from giving guilt-free passes to Ecoworriers to help them feel better about buying a new car. We-the-people are investing in a fashion empire dedicated to a niche market, so they can brag at dinner parties.

Of the five technologies, the only useful outcome is richer soil. Batteries are handy, but if we burnt coal for power we get all the storage and stability we need and at […]

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via JoNova

September 23, 2020 at 12:55PM

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