The Doctors who still haven’t recovered from a likely bioweapon

Coronavirus is both the rock and the hard place

There are costs to stopping it, and costs to letting it go. There are businesses that won’t recover, and also people that won’t.

There is much more to pandemic decisions than just “deaths per capita”. One more aspect  of the wicked dilemma are “long haulers” or the condition called “long Covid”.

These 39 UK doctors who caught Covid are still struggling 6 months later, and have written a joint letter for the British Medical Journal. These were mostly fit youngish people, and they didn’t get hospitalized. They had mild moderate cases of Covid. But many say that the after effects are worse than the initial infection. These include things like headaches, dizziness, the inability to walk 200 metres or more, breathlessness,  strange numb patches, new allergies, difficulty regulating body temperature, ongoing diarrhea. Many are unable to work.

The cause could be nerve damage, or an autoimmune disorder (or something else entirely). If the virus triggers an immune reaction against their own cells it may be difficult to undo or “grow out of”. Some nerve damage will repair. Some won’t.

The CCP’s reaction to their own bioweapon says something, and we know […]

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September 29, 2020 at 01:53AM

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