“Thanks To All Readers”…First Print Run Of German Climate Skeptic Book Sells Out! Now In 2nd Print

Good news about climate science skepticism from Germany…

From Die kalte Sonne

We continue to receive many positive responses to our new book “Unwanted Truths: What you should know about climate change“.


At Amazon, Thalia and in bookstores there are still some copies of the first edition available. If you still want a book, you should get one now.

The second edition is already in production. At Langen Müller Publishing there are currently no more copies available – sold out. This will hopefully change soon when the second edition arrives.

Thanks to all readers who helped to distribute this first edition so quickly. As if the mainstream media had come to an agreement, not a single syllable of the book has been mentioned there yet. Is this really a good and sustainable strategy to deal with “unwanted truths”? Silence and de-platforming instead of honest and fruitful scientific discussion?

Christmas is still three months away, but perhaps we can already start thinking about gifts for the family. An exciting book on climate change would certainly be a good addition to computer games and cutlery sets.

We are not so much interested in the economic success of the book, but rather in the chance to be offered to a broader public on the bestseller shelf. Every sale helps in these critical starting weeks.

In the meantime, after Elke Scholz, the second activist in the review list, has immortalized himself with a one-star rating. His name is SachenKaufer1234567. This review was probably also written without having read the book at all. There is nothing in the review text that could indicate any knowledge of the content.

Furthermore it is not a verified purchase. It should actually not be in the sense of Amazon to let such presumed non-readers have their say here.

If you have read the book and have a different opinion than SachenKaufer1234567, we would appreciate your review on Amazon.

Also read here.

via NoTricksZone


September 30, 2020 at 01:54PM

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