Bankrupting the entire USA

“The ignorance and gullibility that embraces the Green New Deal is appalling.” “The left side of the political fence wants to get us all into a Marxist state.”
– Sara

Bankrupting the entire USA


Everything is wrong with the Green New Deal and its offshoots, including loss of foodstuffs that we take for granted and a massive loss of resources that contribute to biofuels, e.g., corn, wheat and soybeans. They aren’t raised solely for the food industry. There is far more to it than that.

Furthermore, in regard to charging stations for EV vehicles, here is a link (below) to the network of available charging stations, which has been in place for a while now. It is called plugshare dot com.

It starts with a map of the USA and as you enlarge it, you will see the very wide network of charging stations available IN EVERY STATE IN THE USA.

The ignorance and gullibility that embraces the GND is appalling. During the first debate, Biden said it would take “only $100 trillion” to make it work, which is far more than even AOC had proposed, and she finally ratcheted that down to “over a period of at least 20 years”, because she got so much backlash for her proposal. Essentially, he’s talking about bankrupting the entire USA.

Solar and wind power work fine on an individual household basis. I learned that long ago in Mother Earth News. They are NOT feasible on an industrial basis. That is being proven repeatedly in Europe, especially now in Germany where Merkel as had to approve returning to mining coal (destroying the Black Forest while she’s at it) because her numbskulled mismanagement of the power grid in Germany killed off an embarrassingly large population group, all ages, all income levels.

The Greenbeaners or ecohippies or whatever you want to call them are brainwashed into thinking that the Earth itself is being destroyed, but will not give up their electronic junk, which can only be produced by destroying the areas where the minerals required to produce that junk are mined. That is not a joke, you can find info on it anywhere online.

Biden is so brain-dead (and I dislike saying mean things about anyone, frankly) that he will say anything he’s told to say, even if he’s incorrect. It’s easy enough to look up a reference to a real source for whatever he says. He is 99% incorrect, the majority of the time.

But yes, the left side of the political fence wants to get us all into a Marxist state, which they’ve been trying to do since the 1920s when the NKVD recruited Ernest Hemingway to write columns for their USA publications, and he was naive enough to do it.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 because it went bankrupt trying to annex Afghanistan and Gorbachev had to close the Politburo and send everyone home because, as he said, ‘We’re broke. We can’t do this any more. We are bankrupt” (not direct quotes, but I did watch it happen on TV). When are those lessons going to be learned by these dimwitted doofuses who want everything their way?

Well, the answer is “Never”, because they likely have never heard of any of that part of history, and know only the crap they are taught in school these days. They have never had a hungry day, lived through a bitterly cold winter with little to no heat, or had to do with the inconvenience of no electricity (other than that caused by a storm), so no electric lights or computers or charging the iPhone – none of that.

If you want to know how to cook when you don’t have electric power, try the Townsends videos on 18th century cooking and home construction. His instructions are worth your time.

Please keep this in front of people. It is never, ever too late.

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