Tweets and Free Speech, also Far right extremists turn out to be BLM, Antifa fans

The biggest problem science and civilization face is free speech.

Tonight the ABC tells us (with a straight face) that the leader of the free world’s words were too dangerous for the public to read. The Gods at Twitter have determined what The Truth is. Funnily enough, the ABC gave us his message then used the Twitter censorship as a way of “proving” Trump lies, or is still infectious. The ABC weren’t bothered (10 mins) with the Twitter totalitarianism, they obviously didn’t think the public would be harmed either, because they read the message out. Instead this was “Proof by censorship”.

The fact that Twitter objected was all the “proof” the ABC needed. Dr Twitter said so.

That Tweet really is gone.

Given that there are scores of papers saying that Covid survivors have antibodies that last for a few months, it’s quite believeable that DJT was right. Who is running the country? DJT or an unnamed Twitter list?

In deleting it, Twitter have probably promoted it far beyond anything they could have arranged deliberately.

The Media IS the problem

The media memory-hole becomes the decision making process. The most important message to share right now is […]

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via JoNova

October 12, 2020 at 01:23PM

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