Irish President Calls For Socialism To Fight Climate Change

By Paul Homewood



A reminder that this is not about the climate.

From the Belfast Telegraph:



President Michael D Higgins is to call for a new approach to economics that incorporates the “radicalism” of climate activism.

Mr Higgins is due to make the comments as part of his keynote address to a conference on climate change on Wednesday.

Part of the worldwide response to climate change should be framed around the principles of “redistribution, social consumption and social investment”, the president will say in his speech.

Mr Higgins will deliver the keynote address at the Engineers Ireland annual conference.

He will say: “We cannot continue with the mere placing of a green lens on economic policies… policies that have failed manifestly and are continuing to cause damaging ecological impacts.”

Mr Higgins will call for a new approach to economics, one that is based on a connection between ecology, economics and society.

One that “combines the radicalism that is in the consciousness of climate activism, with the consciousness of egalitarianism and the programmes of inclusion activists”.

It should be “framed around the three implicit goals of welfare states: redistribution, social consumption and social investment and characterised by gender equality, income redistribution, a reconfigured social consumption,” he will say.


October 22, 2020 at 04:39AM

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