Ice Hockey superspreader event in Florida

At one game in June, in Tampa, Florida, 14 players out of 22 caught Covid, and that was only the symptomatic cases. None of the others were tested. Perhaps they all caught it?

Hockey game turned into COVID-19 superspreader event

The game, which was held on June 16 at an ice rink in Tampa Bay, Florida, involved two teams of 11 players each, according to the report, from researchers at the Florida Department of Health. Typically, six players were on the ice and five on the bench at any given time, the report said. All of the players were male, and ranged in age from 19 to 53 years old.

The day after the game (June 17), one of the players developed a fever, cough, sore throat and headache, and tested positive for COVID-19. In the following four days (from June 18 to June 21), an additional 13 players developed symptoms of COVID-19

The game lasted 60 minutes, and players spent about 20 minutes in the locker room before and after the game, with each team having a separate locker room.

What’s an ideal way to share viruses? Refrigerate the air, and ask everyone […]

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via JoNova

October 23, 2020 at 02:34PM

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