Big Tech Must Stop Blocking Healthcare Information

Yale epidemiologist Prof. Harvey Risch: “The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It.” Big Tech should stop censoring this information.

Based on 100+ peer-reviewed studies, and the experience of thousands doctors, one cure is:

Treatment: HCQ + AZ + Zn, given early, upon onset of symptoms.

Prophylaxis (high risk population): HCQ + Zn

The Dr. Zelenko’s paper reported a 5x decrease in deaths and hospitalizations among COVID-19 patients who were treated early with HCQ+AZ+Zn, compared with similar patients who did not receive this treatment. Note that Dr. Zelenko treated only high risk patients and did not wait for test results before prescribing treatment.

The Henry Ford Hospitals’  study reported a 3x decrease in deaths among hospitalized patients receiving  HCQ treatments, compared with the control group, after matching propensity scores. This is more than the 2x improvement, usually quoted by the media.

Vitamin C also helps in prevention and treatment.

Cod liver oil boosts the immune system against respiratory infections. It contains vitamin D and other nutrients, which cannot be replaced by vitamin D supplementation. Other options include wild caught salmon, and moderate exposure of the body to the UVB in sunlight, which has been denied to people in the lock-down states.

via Science Defies Politics

October 25, 2020 at 08:15AM

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