Bargain! $2 billion in solar panels powers SA for whole hour on Sunday in Spring!

The ABC is excited. For the first “phenomenal time” in the world –  South Australia managed to produce enough solar power so that (in theory) the whole state was powered by solar electrons for one hour on a Sunday at midday in Spring. It was one of the lowest demand days of the year in one of the smallest markets in Australia. The ABC and AEMO don’t mention that it took about $2 billion in capital infrastructure to achieve this trivial feat.

TonyfromOz points out that during this hour the ABC don’t mention that natural gas plants were also running in SA. Apparently SA was exporting electricity to Victoria and only fossil fuel powered electrons were sent there. He points out the ABC don’t mention that South Australia only uses 5% of the National Electricity Market.


How many versions of natural gas and diesel keep the lights on in SA?


In reality, Victoria was the dumping ground for the solar surge — otherwise generators in SA would have to have been shut down or disconnected. Did Victorian baseload generators lose some income while they sat around on standby for the surge to fade?

Phenomenal gushing and […]

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via JoNova

October 27, 2020 at 02:32AM

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