Trafalgar chief pollster sees Trump winning

Says the polls are missing a “hidden vote”.

“What we’ve noticed is that these polls are predominantly missing the hidden Trump vote,” says Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly. “There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people that are for the president that they’re not interested in sharing their opinions readily.”

“These people are more hesitant to participate in polls,” Cahaly added. “So if you’re not compensating for this, you’re not going to get honest answers.”

Trafalgar Group’s polling in 2016 showed Trump leading in key battleground states when almost all other pollsters had the Republican nominee trailing Hillary Clinton.

I agree with Cahaly. I used to live in Washington State near Seattle. I wouldn’t have dared speak my mind about Trump for fear of being ostracized.

Or far worse.

With all of the rioting and looting and burning, who knows what would have happened?

I suspect that many of those who live in Democrat-run strongholds harbor the same fear.

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October 27, 2020 at 09:15PM

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