Harrabin’s Shopping List

By Paul Homewood



We looked at Roger Harrabin’s latest attack on the government the other day, when he gave us his shopping list of all the other things they should be doing:


He promised to examine some of these in future articles, but I can save him a job:

Standards for new homes

New homes already have to meet demanding standards on energy efficiency, and gas boilers will be banned from 2025.

These policies are already adding to the cost of buying a new house, at a time when we keep being told we need more affordable housing.

Harrabin’s crackpot ideas will simply push these costs even higher.

In any event, with new builds running at 170,000 a year, potential energy savings will be tiny, even over a period of a decade, in comparison with a total housing stock of some 27 million.


Green recovery

Meaningless flim flam, which will entail taxpayers’ money being used to subsidise businesses that commit to the green agenda.


Food production

Farming accounts for a tenth of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, mainly in the form of methane and nitrogen oxides. Eliminating these will devastate the farming industry and lead to a rise in food prices.

The inevitable effect will be to increase imports of food, which will generate far greater emissions than any saved here.


Planning rules

Translation – cram more people into cities to stop them being “car-dependent”



Spend taxpayers’ money on restoring peat moors. Very worthy, I am sure, but where will the money come from?


Heat and buildings

Translation- ban gas boilers, install costly and ineffective heat pumps.


Meat eating

Another policy which will devastate the UK farming industry. And how is it to be enforced – war time style meat rationing, taxation?


Infrastructure statement

Spend hundreds of billions of pounds we have not got on hydrogen networks, carbon capture, car chargers and goodness knows what else.


Road building

Ban all new road building. How dare you want to drive your car!


Carbon dioxide in soil

Latest idea from the NFU to justify greater farming subsidies.


Medium term emissions targets

We already operate Five-Year Carbon Budgets, the latest of which runs from 2028-2032, as legislated for under the Climate Change Act. These budgets are based on the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change, and we are well on course to meet the target for 2028-2032.

There is a very good reason why the CCC don’t set budgets beyond this time frame – because we cannot foresee the impact which future technological changes may bring.


Tree planting

Largely cosmetic.


Energy storage

Battery and other types of energy storage are useless other than for short periods of time, an hour or so. As such they have no relevance in addressing the problems of intermittency.

Instead, storage is being offered as a panacea by those making money out of renewables.

As an “Environmental Analyst”, Harrabin should know all of this.


Industrial strategy

Agree a timetable for shutting down British industry


 Appliance standards

Make consumer goods more expensive and less efficient


Comprehensive spending review

Add up what all of the above will cost taxpayers.


The public have never been given a say over climate policies, whether the Climate Change Act or the Net Zero plan. And they certainly have not been consulted over any of Harrabin’s “shopping list”, which will have a substantial impact on their lives.

This latest article by him is an all too transparent attempt to influence government policy, and is a clear breach of BBC impartiality rules.



October 28, 2020 at 08:57AM

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