Totally absurd – Attributing recent cold spells to man-made global warming 

After an undeniable increase in Arctic outbreaks over recent years, and in an affront to all logic and reasoned thinking, a catastrophically warming world now also means regular outbreaks of severe polar cold.


The climate scare industry has achieved such a level of absurdity that, on February 1, journalist Andrew Revkin reported in a National Geographic article that, “Many stories in recent days highlighted studies concluding that global warming is boosting the odds of cold outbreaks.”

Among the most absurd climate alarm statements attributing recent cold spells to man-made global warming came from University of Michigan professor emeritus of environment and sustainability Donald Scavia, who said: “In the past there was a very strong gradient of cold air at the poles and warmer air south of the poles. That gradient kept the cold where it is. As the poles are warming faster than the rest of the planet, that gradient weakens, allowing the cold air currents to dip south.”

Dr. Tim Ball, an environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, said that Scavia’s statement “is utter rubbish,” adding: “It’s wrong in every aspect, from the basic assumption to the interpretation. In fact, a gradient makes things move. It doesn’t ‘keep the cold where it is.”

Over the past 7 Days, the United States broke 3,782 Low Temperature Records vs just the 518 Max

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October 30, 2020 at 12:39PM

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