Self-driving race car drove straight into a wall off the starting line

By Paul Homewood



  • An autonomous race car crashed immediately during a Roborace event on Thursday.
  • The car, fielded by Acronis SIT Autonomous, made a sharp right turn and accelerated into a wall right off the starting line.
  • Roborace is still ironing out the kinks of its racing series, and just started its “Season Beta.”

Although driver-assistance technology has advanced considerably, we’re still a long way away from cars that can truly drive themselves on public streets. Both Tesla’s Autopilot and Chevrolet’s Super Cruise — the two most advanced driver-assistance systems — require full human attention and can’t be used everywhere.

And a recent mishap at an autonomous racing event showcased just how challenging self-driving technology can be.

It reminds of when I played with Scalextric as a kid!

But the idea we’ll all be driving around in these things in the foreseeable future is for the birds.


October 31, 2020 at 04:51AM

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