There is something remarkable going on in America

Polls are open, Queues are long, the National Guard has arrived, and random piles of bricks are already in place (ready for Civic celebrations by the Party of Tolerance?) Walmart has pulled guns and ammunition off its shelves (maybe they don’t want them stolen?)

Trump Trains are everywhere. There’s even a 96 mile Trump Train in Arizona

Whatever happens today, that passion, that fervour and dedication is not going to go away. This kind of energy just can’t be put back in a box.  (And if the youtube should vanish, see it at this tweet).

Some members of the Party of Love are pretending the US Flags could be ISIS banners, calling the Trump Trains “Vanilla ISIS”. Yeah. Like, that’s not divisive.

But people who love America are having a lot of fun.Listen to the effect the sight of a Trump Train pursuing a Biden Bus has on the policeman driving alongside. (Click the link if there is no video here.)

The Left isn’t too happy with THIS VIDEO that was released of a San Antonio police officer laughing as the Trump caravan is chasing the Biden bus down the highway!

Big Bankers support Billionaires people who […]

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via JoNova

November 3, 2020 at 02:21PM

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