What do “WE THE PEOPLE” Want?

“WE” want Jobs not Mobs!


What do “WE THE PEOPLE” Want?


“WE” want Jobs not Mobs!
“WE” want Legislators not Agitators!
“WE” want Journalists not Propagandists!
“WE” want Capitalism not Communism…oops Socialism!
“WE” want America First not the World who Hates Us First!
“WE” want Praise America not Blame America!
“WE” want Love It or Leave It!
“WE” want the Rule of Law not Mob Rule!
“WE” want Law and Order not Anarchy!
“WE” want Legals not ILLEGALS!
“WE” want Family and Friend Unions not Political Exclusions!
“WE” want Sensible Solutions not Utopian Delusions!
“WE” want Workers not Freeloaders!
“WE” want Guiltless Wealth Accumulation not Forced Wealth Distribution!
“WE” want Educators not Indoctrinators!
“WE” want Pro-U.S. Agendas not Petty Vendettas!
“WE” want Winners not Psychotic Sore Losers!
“WE” want our Founding Articles not the Rules for Radicals!
“WE” want Sanity not Insanity!
“WE” want Constitutionalists not Revolutionists!
“WE” want Visionaries not Revolutionaries!
“WE” want American Patriots not Enemy Within Zealots!
“WE” want Flag Wavers not Flag Desecrators!
“WE” want All Colors United not Divided!

“WE” want Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL.

Trump 2020

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November 3, 2020 at 11:39AM

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