USA 2020: Coup in Progress

The way elections are normally called, Trump won, but the media are working hard to keep the Biden case looking as though it is on top. Strange leaps of votes in key states are happening at 4am that “flip” the states.

 Strange appearance of 200,000 votes 4am in the morning:

As Rudy Guiliani says, in many states it was impossible for Biden to win by the usual methods the Television networks have used for all past elections. But whoever it is that decides these things held off announcing states that Trump had won. Trump winning states were delayed or not declared, Biden wins (like Arizona) were called with many votes yet to be counted. In key states at critical moments the counting of votes were stopped. In the dark of night suddenly 200,000 pure Biden votes appeared. What are the odds? 200,000 people in a row did not pick any other candidate?

 Gateway Pundit and  @Trollasaurus

MI votes jump 200,000 for Biden overnight. (Click to enlarge)

Same thing happened in Michigan, 138,000 votes appeared:

96% of them were for Joe Biden. Steve Bannon talks to and expert who says this has never happened on this scale ever before. He […]

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via JoNova

November 4, 2020 at 10:17AM

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