Could it be true? A sting operation by Trump and Intelligence watermarked ballots to catch voter fraud

Could there be a counter-coup against the Bidens?

Knowing that the Democrats were likely to cheat, did Donald Trump find honest Intelligence Agents who were still prepared to work for their President and their nation and keep a secret? Did they manage to watermark ballot papers with QFS blockchain encryption codes in a way that will allow them to catch and prosecute voter fraud? Steve Pieczenik says “arrests are coming”. “It was Trumps initiative”. “He’s been brilliant”. Apparently, they set the trap and waited for it to spring. I supposed we’ll know pretty soon if this is attention getting hype or one of the biggest stories in years.

I’m watching this with red flags thinking: this is exactly what we all want to hear. Too good to be true? I’m also thinking that there must surely still be some patriots in intelligence, and that Trump and everyone have known for months that they would use mail in ballots to cheat. Could they have kept this a secret? Will the evidence actually stick? Can they really identify the chain of corruption at the top, or will this just catch a few low level moles? If it is true, will anyone get […]

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via JoNova

November 5, 2020 at 11:14PM

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