Election was ‘clear fraud’ – Burt Rutan

Opinion piece by Burt Rutan. Yes that Burt Rutan.

Election was ‘clear fraud’

Burt Rutan

Friends, and those that have become un-friendly during the 2020 Campaign,

I am an Engineer, some have even called me a Rocket Scientist.  My 55-year, post-college testing career has made me an expert in analyzing data of all types.  That skill helped me show that, since 1988, the Climate data has been fraudulently presented by the Climate Scientists.

Presented below are just a few samples of data (among hundreds) that show the Tuesday vote count has been tampered with.

Early morning, November 4th..while even the “journalists” were sleeping:

As the Michigan vote result tabulation goes from 4,261,878 to 4,400,217, Biden got EVERY ONE of the138,339 new votes, with NONE going to the 4 other candidates !!  Obviously a statistical impossibility.

Then later, hoping no one was smart enough to notice, they instantaneously harvested just enough fraudulent votes to assure a Biden win (only two battleground states are shown here).

Skeptical ?  Then you show me any state that was not critical to an EC win, in which a similar jump in the data occurred, or a similar jump that favored Trump. Crickets.


Actually, the non-battleground state of California had enough fraudulent mail-in votes added to be able to show that Biden “won” the popular vote – something they could then have their MSM Talking Heads yell about for months (Hillary still makes the claim, 4 years later to her adoring fans).  Proof? Just compare the total California vote total to the number of Registered (legal) Voters.. Duh

The Popular Vote total in November 2016 was won by Trump, if you do not count the illegal votes (Non-citizens & the dead) in California alone.

Back to yesterday – Tuesday, November 3rd.

My Son and his wife in San Diego received their normal ballot envelopes, then they also received by USPO an additional set of blank ballots.  They sent me a photo of both groups, along with their comments. “We both got our regular vote-in-person books plus mail-in versions. Of course, we will only vote once – but since everyone in CA (living or dead or moved away) got the mail in versions – how many might vote twice or more – and will CA try to check that??

For months there have been many millions of mail-in ballots floating around, all susceptible to fraud when compared with the normal in-person, photo ID-checked process.  I think the criminal’s plan was to not count them at all unless needed by Biden to win.

Late at night they shut down the counts, fired up the fake vote mills and did what they needed to be done.

I’m 77. I’ve never seen where they literally stopped counting the votes, midstream on election night.

Add to that, they pre-announced that “they” (the media) would “announce” who won ?!  It’s the semantics used, and with semantics, everything can be changed.

The MSM and Globalists wish to have the American voter dumbed down to where they can literally be TOLD who won.

This election was pre-ordained by the MSM and the Globalists to have been “won” by Biden.

President Trump by all means has legal cause to file with the Supreme Court. And, with the hard evidence, he will certainly win.

This clear fraud will no longer allow the Left and their ABCNNBCBS buddies to claim that Vote Fraud “does not exist”.

What they have done might finally result in convictions of the criminals and then the destruction of what remains of the Democratic Party.

Maybe their plan all along was to blame Biden and throw him under the Bus.  Under the Bus is a convenient place to put someone that does not have good enough physical or mental health to carry the Football with its Nuclear codes. They likely thought within 10 months they would install an ultra-liberal President who didn’t even finish in the top 12 during her 2019/2020 Democrat Primary Race.

That is not merely Sad, it’s not even Funny.


Posted by permission of Burt Rutan

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November 5, 2020 at 07:41PM

One thought on “Election was ‘clear fraud’ – Burt Rutan”

  1. Career aerospace engineer and test pilot. Completely unsurprising that you are an expert at all things. What a legacy to leave at the end.


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