Oklahoma – More than 70,000 still in the dark

This ice storm caused the largest number of outages in Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company history.

More than 70,000 electric power customers are still in the dark nine days after a rare October ice storm struck Oklahoma last week. In Oklahoma City alone, more than 50,000 customers will enter Friday without electric heat and light.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company

This storm caused the largest number of outages in company history affecting more than 400,000 customers. In our response to this statewide emergency, we’ve brought in the largest contingent of assisting crews in company history, 4,000 restoration personnel in the field. As we complete restoration in one area, we’ll reallocate those crews to other areas so we can maximize restoration efforts.

Crew members work 16 hours per day with a mandatory 8-hour rest period. Some crews work their shift during overnight hours so that restoration work is happening around the clock.


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November 6, 2020 at 04:06AM

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