Nov 10: The Biden bubble stops expanding

Today the world noticed that RealClearPolitics still hasn’t called Pennsylvania for Biden. Their “tally” for him stands at 259 Electoral College votes. CNN has him at 279. AP has him at 290.

So is he or is he not the President Elect? He’s not (see Bannon and Gorsky). He never was — that title can only be conferred by the Electoral college or the House, not the media. Cancel the corona-free parties… send back the congratulatory messages. Biden is the unverified President Elect. He’s the estimated President Elect.

The case for voter fraud grows stronger every day

Watch the latest WhiteHouse press conference. There are now 131 affidavits in Michigan alone — including people willing to swear they were told to backdate ballots, an illegal activity.

In Pennsylvania, 682,000 ballots were counted that no Republicans were allowed to watch, which is illegal. Plus other rules were different for Democrat counties and Republican Counties. Biden’s lead is 45,000, and is one legal decision away from disappearing.

Remember though: “there is zero evidence that there is voter fraud” and we’ve known that since November 2.

Media censorship is over-the-top

The overreach will burn. Even Fox news found the Whitehouse Press […]

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via JoNova

November 10, 2020 at 12:24AM

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