Were the Dems so shocked by Trumps lead, they panicked and made mistakes?

On election night the hardest thing to believe about the dumps and step jumps in Michigan and Wisconsin was that they were so transparently damn clumsy. Would they seriously drop 138,000 votes and 200,000 votes, that were nearly 100% for Biden?

Rudy Guliani makes the case that the number of vote in Philadelphia that don’t have a chain of custody is about the same as the number of votes Biden was behind.

Remember the dumps?

….Click to enlarge. Source: Fivethirtyeight

Given what we know now, perhaps the Democrats may have been trying every kind of harvested votes, dead voters, interstate voters, and back-dated mail-ins — but they hadn’t counted on Trump being ahead by such a large margin — like 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania. With the end game closing in fast at midnight, it seems more likely that the mass voter dumps were a rushed last minute play.

There is still a path to victory

Rudy Guliani makes a convincing case of organised skullduggery where polling booth managers all woke up on November 4 and decided to put Republican observers behind barricades in Philadelphia, Pittsburg Detroit, Flint, Milwalkee, Las Vegas , Reno, and Pheonix, but not in the rest […]

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November 12, 2020 at 11:22AM

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