2.7 million votes switched and Dominion Whistleblowers come forward

Is that mood shift I see?

Suddenly the Trump team is ramping up the claims and the confidence. Donald Trump has made the huge claim that 2.7 million votes were switched by Dominion electronic machines. There are also whistleblowers coming forward from Dominion.


Huge claims being made about massive electronic voter fraud.

@Donald Trump: “REPORT: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump Votes nationwide. Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes delted. States using Dominion voting systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.””

@SidneyPowell: This is massive voter fraud. It is a feature built into the system by the companies that own the machines and software. This was a deliberate attack on our country and the most important of rights held by citizens in our Republic. @RudyGiuliani: The evidence of fraud is pouring in at an overwhelming pac’e. This was a massive effort by Crooked Democrats to wipe out the vote of those they believe are inferior to them….DEPLORABLES , CHUMPS.

@Donald J Trump Jnr: I guess Stalin was right… it’s who counts the votes that matters.

NaturalNews has most of the links and details related to the claim of 2.7 […]

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November 13, 2020 at 05:19AM

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