Can your bank delete you? It’s almost like the start of an American social credit system.

Imagine Laura was a candidate for a major political party and had 150 million impressions a month on her twitter account. What happens if her bank and then Twitter delete her accounts. They give no real reason. She’s stranded, and spends a month writing letters and making phone calls, and setting up alternatives. After a month, the bank gives her a cheque for her savings. She got her money, but she lost a month.

Imagine accidents like these happen a lot more often to people on one side of politics — people who want to break the Tech Giants up?

h/t David E

How corporations can delete your existence, by Gavin Haynes.

Let’s call her Laura. In September, Laura was out in Leeds City Centre, buying some bits, when her card was declined. Funny, she thought. She definitely wasn’t in the red. But these things happen, so she left the shop, tinting crimson, and dashed towards the nearest cashpoint.

But her card wouldn’t work at the cashpoint either. She tried another one. With the same result.

Laura opened the banking app on her phone. It said only ‘error’, then automatically closed.

She finally abandoned her shopping and went into the […]

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via JoNova

November 16, 2020 at 11:48AM

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