Rudy Guliani, we have more than enough illegal ballots to overturn the results


Several people have sent me these videos – and I wonder if everyone has seen them already. Then I remember what the Legacy Media is like, so I figure I should share. In other news, Georgia’s recount is a whitewash because no one is allowed to check signatures. (We’ve seen the same process of so many times in the Climate Wars). Wisconsin wants to charge $7 million to recount the votes, far more than in previous elections.

Meanwhile history is unfolding and hardly any news service wants to mention The Biggest Story — the American Coup? In any normal year, this election battle would be non-stop coverage.

Rudy Guliani: ” we have more than enough illegal ballots to overturn the results”

Rudy Giuliani With Maria Bartiromo



Sidney Powell With Maria Bartiromo: “Evidence is coming in through a fire hose…”

Retired Admiral Peter Neffenger is on the board of Smartmatic and on Joe Bidens presumptuous President Elect transition team.


According to Sidney Powell “Millions of Americans have written in” to tell them about election fraud. Boiled down, the software was the problem, and it’s also used on other brand’s voting machines.

Every […]

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November 17, 2020 at 11:48AM

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