Google Doesn’t Like It

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

For some reason, I couldn’t find my post entitled “Gavin’s Falsifiable Science“. I wanted to track it down, in part because I think it’s one of my better posts. But when I looked on Google, it wasn’t there. Instead, I found an oddity. Here’s the top of the list of results from Google:

The list goes on below what’s shown above. I was glad to see that there are about twenty complete copies of my post floating around on various websites. And another fifteen or so links to my post.

But nowhere in that Google list was there a link to my actual post here on Watts Up With That. I looked through every Google result. No link to the Watts Up With That original version of my post.

Puzzled, I looked on Bing … where the post here on WUWT was first on the list, as you’d expect.

Below that, as with Google, are links to a bunch of other copies of my post on various skeptical websites.

Moving on, here’s DuckDuckGo … again, WUWT is first on the list, with the copies on other websites listed below it.

Hmmm … I moved on to more obscure search engines …

Same thing in all of them except Google. Google shows everything all the other sites show, all the copies, but it doesn’t show the original.

Computer “glitch”? Deliberate censorship? Unintended consequence of artificial intelligence? Cosmic ray damage? Sergei Brin found out about me and his wife? Accidental invocation of artificial stupidity? God decided to squash me like a bug for my insufferable arrogance in challenging the climate status quo? Some pinche tiranito chiquito has it in for this website?

No idea, but I certainly have seen enough ugly censorship and strangely unidirectional “accidents” and “computer glitches” to have a healthy and well-justified suspicion of the motives and actions of the social media robber barons …


Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?

November 19, 2020 at 12:57PM

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