Anti-Lockdown Protests Across Europe

The mainstream reported “hundreds” of protesters, but as pictures plainly show it was more like tens of thousands.

Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience.

Protests follow “Second Wave” Repeat Lockdown

Germany: Thousands of people protest in Berlin alone.  Police hose “Corona Deniers” w Water-cannons

Spain: Barcelona saw violent confrontations between riot police and protestors

France: Fervent resistance in the shape of angry marches through cities across the country

Italy: Extensive protest all across the country. Media called it hundreds, photos show more. Marches occurred in dozens of cities across the country, including Rome, Naples, Genoa and Bologna. Politico says the “Mafia” was responsible.

Slovakia: Huge march anti-covid/anti-govt

Denmark: Police to physically coerce vaccination through detainment. Parliament Danes protested for 9 days. Media failed to mention the law or the protests.

Thanks to Penelope for this link

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November 20, 2020 at 07:04PM

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