Northwestern US snowpack now 200 – 400% above normal

With the mountain snow season in the Cascades off to a robust start and with La Nina giving consistent signs it could become a strong event this winter, it might be a good time to revisit Mt. Baker’s world-record seasonal snowfall, writes meteorologist Scott Sistek.

Washington State’s Mt Baker area recorded an amazing 1,140 inches of snow some 22 years ago during the epic winter season of 1998-99.

When that world-snowfall record was set we were going into a la Nina like we are now, says Sistek, with NW snow pack now 200 – 400% above normal,

31″ forecast there, next 10 days:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,49.148,-122.201,8

Ski area is open and they’ve had almost 8 feet(228 cm) of new snow in the last 8 days alone:

“We’re off to a pretty incredible start,” the Mt Baker website pronounces, “with over 90 inches of snow falling in the past 8 days!

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November 21, 2020 at 01:44PM

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