Dominion Voting and Democrat Counties Self-Audited

Fulton County, the largest and heavily Democrat county in Georgia, which gave ~400 thousands votes for Biden, hired the far left VotingWorks to provide it audit services. To do that, VotingWorks partnered with a Canadian firm SecurityCompass. That means that a) VotingWorks did not have ability to do the work for which it was hired and b) another foreign company took part in our Presidential elections.

In the recount, a Dominion Voting server crashed. The Georgia officials blamed a Fulton county worker, who allegedly “ignored basic instructions” (1).

“Sterling said when they ‘cut a corner’ by using the express server, a Dominion employee told them they couldn’t do that because it would crash the server. Instead, Fulton officials decided to put the database on that server.”

They let it slip that a Dominion Voting representative stood by the county employee, telling him/her what to do.

“A security measure flagged the process because timestamps were off, causing the server to crash and ultimately making it impossible to get the database, he said.”

WTF? Why does the security measure cause the server to crash? It should have made a an error record in the log, refuse to proceed, and displayed an error dialog.

“Because of this decision, Sterling said they are going to be forced to scan ballots again – which is more work, more manpower, and more time.”

Wait a minute – the recount was supposed to be manual. Why the Dominion software and ballots scanning were involved at all? Fake recount!

From the horse’s mouth (Ben Adida, a founder of VotingWorks, BA1, BA2):

The re-count, “certified” by GA government today, and sometimes called 2nd or even 3rd re-count, consisted of re-scanning ballots. It was expected to give the same result that the first count, the one with the fake flooding, counting ballots by Democrats in the absence of Republicans, and a mysterious suitcases of ballots. In Georgia, recount can be done only after the results certification.

What is sometimes reported as the first recount, was an enlarged risk limiting audit.

Fulton county election commission “certified” the alleged results by a split vote 3:2 (2). The Republican-led Georgia government entrusted the recounts to Democrat-dominated Fulton county, essentially allowing it to inspect itself. Even in the light of the split decision, they simply accepted the majority opinion!

They also defended Fulton county when its Democrat ballot counters sent Republicans away, then continued “counting,” and brought out a suitcase with additional ballots.

Another software piece involved in the recount was ElectioNet Suite from PCC Technology. It is part of a group providing services to governments, which likely means being on the lash of Democrats.

I strongly suspect that GA Governor Kemp and SOS Raffensperger are being blackmailed.

via Science Defies Politics

December 7, 2020 at 04:15PM

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