Pollster: By all cruicial metrics of polling Trump would be winner. Numbers don’t add up.

It’s a miracle on Election Day!

No incumbent President has ever increased his vote and lost the election. Indeed Obama didn’t win more votes in 2012 he lost three and a half million votes, but still won reelection in 2012. Yet somehow Trump improved his vote by 20% or 11 million votes, more than any candidate in history, but still lost. These types of claims may not launch Supreme Court cases, but they fire up the Court of Public Opinion (share them around). The highly suspicious odds practically glow with gamma rays when combined with lies that trick poll watchers to leave, and democrats that count secret suitcases of ballots hidden under the tablecloth.

Trump had the best win with minorities for a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960. Must be a racist.

Pollster claims that Biden’s victory defied crucial ‘metrics’ that have a ’100% accuracy rate in predicting the winner’ and says anyone who viewed the results ‘objectively’ would conclude Trump triumphed


He told Mark Levin of Fox News that with the election results, ‘something very strange has happened because the numbers just don’t add up.’

There are a dozen or more ways to […]

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December 7, 2020 at 01:02PM

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