No Lizzie, Summer Rainfall Is Not Getting More Extreme

By Paul Homewood



In yesterday’s carefully coordinated BBC/Met Office propaganda piece on climate change, the Met Office’s Lizzie Kendon came out with the well worn tale about extreme rainfall:


Summers might not just be hotter, they could be drier too, the Met Office predicts. Summer rain could become less frequent, but when it does rain it is likely to be more intense.

If she took the time to come away from her dodgy climate models and preconceptions and actually studied the real world data, she would discover that she is talking through her hat.

Across England & Wales as a whole, heavy rainfall days used to be much more common in the past. Nothing like the daily rainfall which fell in 1968, 1969 and 1986 have been seen since. There have been twenty one days since 1931 with more than 20mm, but the 21.7mm which fell on 10th June last year is the only such day since 2010.

There is a similar story regionally, with most of the extreme rainfall occurring in the distant past.








Lizzie Kendon is the Met Office’s Scientific Manager, and her work revolves around climate modelling. But there are lots of meteorologists there who must cringe every time rubbish like is published.


December 8, 2020 at 07:42AM

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