Trumps two year Sting for foreign interference? Executive Order 13848 may trigger by Dec 18

Trump has options and much more power than most people have any idea of

The end of the road is not the Supreme Court. It’s not December 14, and it’s not even the House and a contingent election.

Watch this space: There’s a possible Sting Op of a major scale

If it pans out, we will need industrial scale popcorn. At this point it is speculation, but what an interesting tale.

President Trump made an executive order in Sept 2018 which was interpreted at the time as about “the Russian collusion” threat, which was the high fashion of the day, but may be a historic trap sprung against foreign actors and their domestic collaborators. It arms Trump with a process to It’s not unthinkable that The Great Reset will instead become the The Great Cleansing of the Deep State. That’s if the servers and voting machines have the evidence of foreign interference in the US election. But watch for signs that EO 13848 is live — it may send people to jail. Remember the two 3 star generals who said military intel had captured the CIA servers from Germany, and there may have been deaths involved? It’s like a […]

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via JoNova

December 9, 2020 at 04:34AM

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