Aussie Resources Minister: UN Climate Emergency Demand an “Inconsequential “Grand Statement”

Keith Pitt. By Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website –, CC BY 3.0 au, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Australian Resources Minister Keith Pitt predicts global demand for Aussie coal will remain strong “long into the future”.

Australia’s Resources Minister Keith Pitt dismisses UN chief’s climate change statement

With Australia isolated on climate change, Resources Minister Keith Pitt has dismissed a global warming statement from the United Nations secretary-general.

Australia’s resources minister has castigated a climate change warning from the United Nations secretary-general as an inconsequential “grand statement”.

Antonio Guterres has warned the world is heading for a catastrophic temperature of rise of more than three degrees by the end of the century unless all countries declare climate emergencies.

Resources Minister Keith Pitt dismissed the climate warning from Mr Guterres.

“Grand statements are quite simple to make,” he told ABC radio on Monday.

“If they made a difference (Labor MPs) Mark Butler and Pat Conroy made that exact statement in the parliament many months ago and I don’t seem to recall it changing anything.

“It’s about outcomes, it’s about a plan, it’s about knowing where we’re going and what it will cost, and it’s about delivery.”

Mr Pitt is confident strong global demand for Australian coal will continue long into the future.

He has requested a parliamentary inquiry into lenders and insurers blacklisting companies linked to coal and gas producers.

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Vote in enough politicians with the balls to stand up to the climate bullies, and the climate panic will be a thing of the past.

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December 15, 2020 at 04:49AM

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