The Beginning of the End – R.I.P. USA

In response to the post “For Those Who Don’t Get It.”

On July 4, 1776 it all began, and on December 14, 2020 this great experiment in Democracy came to an end.

“We the People” failed to carry out our civic duty and hold our elected officials accountable. Instead we were far more concerned with our iPods and other trinkets that entertain us. Sad that we didn’t realize that our LOSS of FREEDOM would be the price we pay either by choice OR under the jackboot of TYRANNY! Get ready America. Sad, sad times ahead I fear for us all.

AmeriKa has been a Banana Republic at least for the past 20 years and more likely longer. “We The People” FAILED in our civic duty to hold our elected representatives accountable and now we are paying the price. Corruption and greed are the call of the day. It’s not what you do but who you are. Us serfs get locked away. The lords and ladies up on Dung Hill get reprimanded, a slap on the hands, and told not to do it again….or at least if they do, then don’t draw media attention. What an absolute FARCE! And their attitude towards “We The People”?

Answer: LOL Let the peasants eat cake!

Problem is they don’t give us cake at all but only crumps. What sad times we live in and what a sad state our people and our nation is in.

– Benito Lorez


The picture is not that rosy. Communists took charge of big countries twice in the last century and the consequences were far more drastic than a change in lifestyle. Over one hundred million people died by the hand of government and the rest lost every bit of freedom. Those of us who are too complacent to fight now don’t realize that the opportunity to fight at all is about to disappear.

– T.C.

In the UK the media is either censored or toeing the US media line that there is no evidence of the Democrat fraud and Donald is just a bad loser.

If the law is not upheld and the correct result declared, I can see one of two things happening. The Republican states and indeed any honest state will leave the Union. Maybe the beginning of this process will finally draw some attention for outside the USA as to why this might be happening and it brings a resolution. If not then there will be a new Central States of America.

The other option is a left vs right civil war. Von Klausewitz described war as the pursuit of politics by other means. If you can’t have an honest vote then it needs to be settled another way.

– Gerry England

This country has definitely become divided. Not sure what’s going to happen over the next 4 years if everything becomes too expensive guess most everyone middle class and below will have to resort to wellfare! Seems that’s what they want!

– Brad H.

Everyone waiting for a Archduke Ferdinand moment, and there hasn’t been one. We probably need one….

– Hoopman Greg


I remained hopeful during the Obama Administration that the Nation would survive, but I don’t feel the same under Harris/Biden. (From the pace of decline in Venezuela I’d estimate we have 5-10 years left, at most.) But given how entangled all the world’s finances are it won’t be just the US that implodes; it will be the world in a financial collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a cake walk. And that may be the Silver Lining in this Dark Cloud – when Governments can’t borrow or print money to buy off the people and people are forced to learn self-reliance, the value of hard work, the worth of a penny and how useless most Governments and politicians really are, they may reorganize and form new governments, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of what they burned to the ground with their votes and greed. Or we may get lucky and get hit by another meteor that takes out all life on Earth like it did the dinosaurs.

– Bob N.


Its called the New World Order (aka Great Reset) by the elite. Their goal is by 2030 you will own nothing (and apparently be happy). Yes, total enslavement with Gates microchip for a cashless society. This is exactly what the Bible predicts for the End Times.

– Tina

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