Government launches long-awaited Energy White Paper 

One of its claims is: ‘we will make the UK the home of green ships and planes’. Easy – just ban their engines from being started. Publishing wish lists doesn’t guarantee engineering feasibility. These policies will cost a fortune but energy bills will be ‘affordable’, they claim. Who’s paying for all the subsidies – Father Christmas?
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The government has launched its long-awaited Energy White Paper to clean up the nation’s energy systems and ensure the journey to net zero by 2050 is achievable and affordable, says Energy Live News.

The white paper expands on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recently announced Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution and sets out the steps needed to cut emissions from industry, transport and buildings by 230 million metric tonnes.

Green jobs

The Energy White Paper commits to supporting up to 220,000 jobs in the new, greener economy over the next decade, with positions ranging from employment in major power generation, carbon capture storage and hydrogen projects, in addition to a nationwide programme to retrofit homes and buildings with energy efficiency and clean heat technologies.

Shifting from fossil fuels to a net zero system

The plan promises to overhaul the entire energy system and aims to retrofit millions of homes, electrify transport with renewables, double electricity use instead of oil and gas and bolster renewable energy supply.

Keep bills affordable

The government has promised to make the energy retail market “truly competitive” by offering customers more simple methods of switching to cheaper energy tariffs, and tackling “loyalty penalties” by automatically switching consumers to fairer, cheaper deals – this system will be trialled to test its effectiveness in the market.

Emission-free electricity by 2050

The Energy White Paper commits to all electricity being emission-free by 2050 and sets the country on target for an “overwhelmingly decarbonised” energy system by 2030 to ensure it remains on the right trajectory for the final goal.

It states low carbon power is a “key enabler” of the more sustainable economy of the future and notes demand for clean electricity is forecast to double in order to decarbonise the transport and heating sectors.

Full article here.

Government White Paper here.

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December 17, 2020 at 03:51AM

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