Paths to Victory — Contingent election or State Legislators picking Electors

Mark Landsbaum argues that Trumps main game was always a Contingent election — held in the House but with one representative from each state. And the legal cases involved were always about the Court of Public Opinion, not about getting rushed judgments on legal cases that have almost no time to play out.

Cases usually need months or years to do full discovery and disclosure.


Trump’s End Game By Mark Landsbaum, American Thinker

The only hope now — and it is as good, if not better, than any hope since voting ended — lies in the alternate electors for Trump sent Monday by seven states. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is sure to ignore the Trump alternate electors, so Trump can’t win at this stage. But the Republican-controlled Senate also will consider electors, and if they choose Trump’s over Biden’s, it’s a standoff: the House for electing Biden, the Senate for electing Trump.

The rules for choosing between competing electors are vague. Congress may choose not to count states with two sets of electors, which automatically means neither candidate reaches the necessary 270 electoral votes. This is never-before-traveled terrain.

The resulting deadlock would […]

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December 17, 2020 at 01:07AM

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