Michael Flynn: Trump could rerun elections in states with fraud

Things MSNBBCNN won’t mention that Michael Flynn suggests are possible:

President Trump could seize all the Dominion machines — on his order. Trump could rerun the elections in swing states, Martial law is one option, but by no means the only one, and has been instigated 64 times already in US history.

There are only two ways the Great Divide in politics can be resolved peacefully:

One: the media do their job and report both sides of the political landscape. Honest Democrat voters have no idea why half the nation thinks the election was stolen. There will be little public sympathy for rioting to protect postal workers rights to backdate fake votes etc — but we are more likely to find life on the Moon.

Two: Rerun the election with paper ballots and Voter ID.

Trump should not have to rerun an election he appears to have won, but fake votes were mixed with real ones, and the egg cannot be unscrambled. Even proper audits cannot count only legal votes and discard illegal ones, they can only show the scale of the fraud.

Democracy starts and ends with free and fair elections.

Michael Flynn to Newsmax TV: […]

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December 19, 2020 at 01:32AM

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