Thanks To NTZ Readers! In 2021 We Face Censorship, And A Very Challenging Climate-Policy Year

Deep thanks to all NTZ readers for your loyalty and support!

North Germany. Image: NotricksZone

Now we look forward to 2021 and our aim will be to continue presenting many peer-reviewed literature and reports that show all the talk about serious AGW is a lot of hysteria and a hoax.

NTZ delivers scientific climate publications like few other blogs

And for this we thank Kenneth Richard for his indefatigable efforts in digging up these often ignored peer-reviewed, non-alarmist publications on a weekly basis. Leave a comment for Kenneth! See right side bar.

We know it’s all having an impact because Kenneth and myself – as is  the case for so many other AGW dissenters – have been identified and suppressed by social media. They’re really trying to silence us. And now there are rumors they plan to come after us with renewed vigor should Biden/Harris land in the White House.

Yet, I’m confident that these anti-democratic efforts to suppress these non-alarmist papers, science and rational voices are ultimately going to backfire. It’s our job to make sure they do.


Also we thank Japanese blogger Kirye for her regular valuable contributions to this blog in presenting charts made from untampered JMA data. Even though she recently moved to Wyoming and joined Tony Heller’s Real Climate Science, she will continue to contribute regularly here in the future.

Great appreciation for the very helpful donations

And a very big THANK YOU to those who donated to NTZ. Your generosity is really much appreciated.

These donations are a big help when it comes to absorbing the hosting fees and the high expenses that sometimes have to be paid to the experts for troubleshooting the site. This blog is our blog!

Donate – choose an amount

Every dollar helps!

The income generated from Google Adsense are modest (ca. $30-$40/month) and don’t cover the expenses. Like the other skeptic blogs, NTZ doesn’t receive any funding from the fossil fuel industry or related groups. Your donations make NTZ possible.

Keeps NTZ going in difficult times

Some readers donate a small amount each month, but which at the end of the year add up and help a lot. Without the donations, I probably would close shop because it’s not always easy for me to justify the expenses and all the time to my better half. The donations make that a lot easier, especially this year where COVID-19 also impacted significantly my wife’s business.

2021: rational science more important than ever

In summary, NTZ looks forward to an exciting 2021 year, which I expect will be a very important one when it comes to climate-science-based policies. More than ever skeptics will be called on to step up to the plate and deliver, and not so with just anecdotes but with real scientific literature like that we present to you on a regular basis.

Us AGW skeptics are the last firewall against destructive hysteria-driven policy, and so we must never let up.

Guest authors welcome

Finally, NTZ welcomes guest authors. If you have something to report that’s original, i.e. not really reported by others, then feel free to submit it. Every article is a big help. News-making climate science and energy developments in other countries are always fascinating and I’m ready to assist in putting them in English.

Merry Christmas everybody, and all the best for the New Year!



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December 22, 2020 at 11:29AM

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