This is the fight of our times, Steve Bannon on China and the capture of the Elites

This is sweeping, cutting, geopolitical commentary of the highest order. The vulnerability of the West, the rot in the Intelligence community, and what he calls the Chinese plan to “Capture the Elites” of the West.

He talks about the failure of the West to protect Hong Kong — “this is the 1930s, and Hong Kohng is the Czechoslovakia of the modern era.” “We will rue the day…”

According to Bannon, “what makes this work is the slave labor model of China”.By keeping wages low they keep workers all around the world working as serfs. In a globalist world, when workers in the West compete with slave labor camps, in the end, they have to become them too. Trump broke that model.

“The greatest export China has is ….the serf state.”

Steve Bannon talks to Joshua Phillip from Epoch Times. I

It’s interesting all the way through.


You want to look at the decline of Britain, look at the failure in Hong Kong.

We didn’t defend it.

Bannon says Trump needs to appoint two special counsels, one on China, and the other on the intelligence community:

When this […]

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via JoNova

December 22, 2020 at 12:49PM

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