Warmists agonise over ‘carbon emissions’ from Christmas dinner 

Yet another target for climate miserablists

Climate obsessives want to award themselves the authority to micromanage every aspect of people’s lives, using the feeble excuse of carbon dioxide, a harmless trace gas vital to plants and other vegetation. This sort of absurdity seems to be mushrooming by the day. Merry Christmas!
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Around 60% of the climate impact of foods can come from cooking, according to new research, says Energy Live News.

Cooking the traditional Christmas dinner could have a major effect on the environment.

That’s according to new research by the Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London, Dr Christian Reynolds, who claims up to 60% of the climate impact of foods can come from cooking.

Dr Reynolds’ research shows that a reduction in meat consumption could make the traditional roast more sustainable.

The production, preparation and consumption of one kilogram of protein from meat products could cause more greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions than a passenger flying from London to New York, according to the study.

A kilogram of beef protein can generate the equivalent of 643 kilograms of carbon dioxide while a kilogram of lamb protein can create 749 kilograms of carbon dioxide due to the long oven-roasting cooking times.

The analysis also suggests turkey creates less GHG emissions than other types of meat.

Full article here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


December 24, 2020 at 04:45AM

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