Fraser Island fire caused by “stupendous heatwave”

Our ABC reporting a bushfire expert. The Fraser Island fire burnt for ~60 days after a campfire on 14 Oct was not put out. ABC says quote [Bowman points to the K’gari-Fraser Island blaze, which burnt through nearly half the World Heritage-listed site before being contained by heavy rain.
The problem, he says, is “the lining up of the heatwaves and the flooding events”.
“Unfortunately, what happened in south-east Queensland is that there was this stupendous heatwave that enabled a fire to occur during a La Nina year,” he says, adding: “We wouldn’t have predicted such an intense fire”.
“And now, literally in days, it switched from an uncontrolled bushfire burning Fraser Island to this side of a category one cyclone in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.
“So … we’re talking about really major extremes.”]
Hervey Bay Airport BoM# 40405 looks the nearest reliable temperature data and no data looks remotely “stupendous” to me. The main lesson to take-away IMHO is that fire authorities should act quicker to put fires out – but there was an election in Queensland.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

December 27, 2020 at 04:31PM

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