New Covid-19 Outbreak in Beijing, China

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; According to SCMP, Beijing has gone into “emergency response mode” to contain a new Covid-19 outbreak, which has been detected near Beijing International Capital Airport.

New controls introduced in the Chinese capital as the city authorities warn the epidemic control situation is ‘severe’Mass testing carried out in two districts where new Covid-19 cases have been detected

Zhuang Pinghui in Beijing
Published: 9:00pm, 27 Dec, 2020

eijing has gone into “emergency response mode” after five more Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the Chinese capital on Saturday.

A further positive case has yet to be officially confirmed because the patient has not yet shown symptoms.

The latest cases all came from the north of the city, in Nanfaxin township in the city’s Shunyi district, near Beijing International Capital Airport.

In total, thirteen infections have been detected in Beijing since the first local infection in 152 days was reported on December 18.

“There have been many sporadic outbreaks. The epidemic control situation is very severe,” a spokesman for the Beijing government said on Sunday.

Beijing Happy Valley, a theme park in southern Beijing, said in a statement that all night sessions would be cancelled from Monday and a live New Year’s Eve concert has also been called off.

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Let us hope Beijing brings their latest outbreak under control quickly. Although known case numbers are presently very low, in a highly populated high density city like Beijing, the virus could spread very rapidly.

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December 29, 2020 at 04:52AM

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