Record Daily Snowfall – Grand Isle Michigan

In addition, Grand Isle shattered the 30- year averages for both December snowfall and yearly snowfall.

A year-end snowstorm blanketed Grand Island and central Nebraska yesterday.

It was a record snowfall for Grand Island on that date at 3.8 inches breaking the previous record of 3.5 inches set in 1936.

December has proven to be a snowy month.

With yesterday’s snowfall, Grand Island has received 12 inches during the month of December, almost triple the 30-year average is 4.8 inches of snow in December.

When it comes to snowfall for the entire year, Grand Island has had 13.5 inches of snow so far this year, handily surpassing the 30-year average yearly snowfall of 9 inches. 12-4a62-11eb-a633-bf579da753b7.html

Thanks to  Clay Olson for this link

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December 30, 2020 at 03:55PM

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