Which of These is 2020’s Greatest “Crime against Humanity”

From The Savvy Street.com

By Vinay Kolhatkar

Article 7 of the Rome Statute states:

For the purpose of this Statute, ‘crime against humanity’ means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack [emphasis mine].

The acts in themselves include many crimes including murder, enslavement, enforced disappearance, etc. and also “other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.”

The U.N. adds:

In contrast with genocide, crimes against humanity do not need to target a specific group. Instead, the victim of the attack can be any civilian population, regardless of its affiliation or identity.

Systemic crimes by communist regimes, such as the Holodomor (the famine manufactured by the Soviets in Ukraine) and the Great Leap Forward (Chairman Mao’s “reconstruction” that killed 45 million) have been described as “crimes against humanity.”

The Quintessential Nature of Humanity

Human beings are organisms capable of directing themselves, governing and even manufacturing, their emotions. They can also modify, physiologically, the very source of directedness and emotion (i.e., the brain) with purpose and practice (neuroplasticity).

This self-directedness (autonomy), is a primal source of joy, creativity, and productivity. It does not follow that we must each secure knowledge in every field from cooking to medicine to virology. In a world full of specialization, we can decide to follow experts we choose to trust. In a free-speech world, we may make errors in seeking and following experts that turn out to be wrong, but reality promptly corrects wrongheaded science. Science, when unhindered by willful mind-criminals, never goes backward.

It’s thus a “crime against humanity” to force humans to act against their better judgment, to coerce them into accepting the rule of “wise men.” It’s even worse to hoodwink them into thinking that the unbiased counsel of experts is freely available to citizens via governments, and by those who have assumed the responsibility of holding governments to account (the media). So deceived, humanity, willingly but unknowingly, acts against its own interest.

I submit to you, the reader, that there is no greater moral crime than this deception.

The Year 2020’s Most Egregious Crimes against Humanity

Our foundation laid, we are now in a position to call out the worst abuses of this calendar year.

A caveat, here. Much of this foundation was laid across several essays that were published on Savvy Street through 2020, and like the paragraph on autonomy above, are summaries of longer arguments. Hyperlinks are provided for those who wish to dig deeper.
1. Green Ideology Murdered People, Destroyed Property, and Burned Livestock

The year 2020 erupted with monstrous bushfires in Australia. The bulk of these, it was determined, did not have a natural cause such as lightning strikes (for which advanced meteorology keeps an accurate tab on locations and timing), but arson.

By the end of the northern summer, the western United States, too, was engulfed by record-breaking but preventable mega fires that claimed or destroyed human lives and other species. As children and their grandmothers were burned alive, mass media peddled the false narrative of the primary cause being “climate change.”

2. Was It Criminal Negligence or Design? China and the Virus

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist, was involved in investigating the first reported outbreak of COVID-19 in the world in Wuhan. In April 2020, she fled China and came to the U.S., where she sought refuge.

She later claimed, on several U.S. channels including Fox News that the COVID-19 virus was engineered in a lab—that the genome fingerprint reveals a manufacture—“a cow with a deer’s head, a rabbit’s ears, and a monkey’s hands cannot arise in nature [minute 2.30 to 2.40];” that the wet market origination story was a smokescreen. Dr. Lan also asserted that the World Health Organisation (WHO) was complicit, courtesy China’s intrusive domination of many developing countries via strategic lending (the Belt and Road Initiative) and its subversive machinations.

Dr. Lan’s claims may be false. But they are being suppressed by mass media despite other virologists making similar claims. Google raises only the dismissals to the top of its search engine; its algorithms, it appears, are designed to promulgate the establishment narrative.

Even if the virus was lab engineered, its escape into the world may have resulted from negligence rather than intent. But, at the very least, in the initial phase of the pandemic, China actively suppressed information that could have saved countless lives—this is not disputed. That suppression of vital information alone marks it as a morally heinous crime.

3. WHO, CDC, and Public Health Agencies’ Crime against Humanity

What if the virus arose in nature and escaped China inadvertently? The public health agencies are not exonerated by that hypothesis.

Early in 2020, there were plenty of signs of asymptomatic carry and a cure as the immune system overcame the virus, and also evidence that certain treatments, if given in the initial stages of the disease, were extremely effective.

But health agencies actively pooh-poohed studies of antibody testing and refused to engage on the cardinal numbers that really mattered. Hospitals inflated deaths by COVID to get access to more funds and the agencies turned a blind eye. Fraudulent studies that demonized HCQ were published in the world’s most prestigious medical journals. 

4. The Enablers: Mass Media and Academe’s Capitulation Is a Crime

The neo-Marxists long march through our institutions began nearly a century ago. The critical capture was of academe, and then, media.

Economics was an easy prey once Keynes published his outlandish departure from logic. The humanities were re-erected with “grievance studies,” a scientific hoax. Mass media’s shift away from objectivity toward leftist advocacy masquerading as journalism was predicated on the falsification provided by “peer-reviewed” journals, which, in the humanities, had become subtle advocates for unreason.

Restrained by the First Amendment in the U.S., mass media used European regulation to strangle the multinational tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google (owner of YouTube). Inventing pseudo-objective paradigms like “fake news” and “hate speech,” they succeeded in flooding the social media public square with neo-Marxist bias.

Let’s recall the Rome Statute’s key criteria for labeling a wrong a “crime against humanity”:

Intentionally causing great suffering, an attack that is widespread or systematic, and directed against any civilian population at large.

Which of these four, do you, the reader, believe to be the most egregiously heinous criminals against humanity of the year 2020?

Read More at: https://www.thesavvystreet.com/which-of-these-is-2020s-greatest-crime-against-humanity/

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